a home decor photo series

Teal is timeless. This worldly blue refreshes a room with instant elegance no matter the era. In this photo series, we explore home decor designed in shades of teal.

Make the holidays effortlessly elegant by bringing a winter wonderland indoors. From garlands to wood candle holders, decorate your space with elements from the great outdoors for a fresh yet festive twist that exudes relaxed and calm vibes this winter season. A rich teal sofa along with lushly upholstered sitting chairs elevates the space from rustic to refined.

The outside comes alive inside in this glamorous teal sitting room. The organic willowy design of the teal wallpaper is contrasted by geometric patterns, gold accents, and modern furnishings successfully blending minimal sensibility with a sense of calm and enchantment.

A gorgeous dark teal hue in the bedroom can be alluring, cozy, and powerful all at once. Tempered with a soft contrast color like dusky rose and accented with metallic accessories like brass fixtures creates a feeling of relaxed luxury. Combined with plush velvet curtains and bedding makes for a room that is just as intimate as it is beautiful.

This modern boho master sanctuary keeps it light and bright! A single dark accent wall allows the soft white linens and accents to really pop. Dashes of gold combine with the geometric tribal rug and tufted teal settee to continuously draw your eye around the space. Original pieces, including a gold mid-century-inspired pendant light, give this master oasis a truly unique feel.

Stairs are a practical part of the home – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too! A bold statement staircase can be a simple and striking way to brighten up your entry or add some visual interest in your open concept home. Although often overlooked creatively, the staircase can become quite the eye-catching feature when handled with a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

This alluring teal bedroom is filled with serene jewel tones creating a relaxing, chic escape. The combination of richer blues and greens along with pops of lush velvet textures, achieve an effect that effortlessly balances luxury with comfort. Softer grays with cool undertones create a calming, easily-elevated look.

A vibrant shade of teal can inject brightness into any small or dark space. The white farmhouse sink pops against the bold high-gloss teal covering the kitchen walls, cabinets, and trim. Warm wood counter-tops and shiny silver fixtures and appliances all work together to reflect light around this cozy space.

This room’s bright jewel tones create a space that is both dynamic and intimate. Contrasting glossy and matte textures, as well as clashing patterns and opposite color combinations, creates an unexpected and soothing effect. The supple velvet teal sofa stands vibrant against the matte wall and helps to amplify the warmth from the brass decor for a fun yet sophisticated look.

Moody vibes envelop this luscious living room with dark teal walls and matching sofa. A warm vintage side table and ethereal layered art combine with pops of white to create a calm and soothing sanctuary.

Teal and red make a creative modern color combo against the contemporary grey walls and charcoal moldings of this chic living room design. While both are strong, bright colors, when paired with a neutral scheme they can complement each other to create a timeless, sumptuous look.

Sophisticated and very eclectic. Fashion designer Stefano Pilati chose to bathe the living room walls of his Paris apartment in vivid teal, offsetting the warm earthy tones found in his array of worldly treasures.  “Depending on the light, it’s sometimes emerald, sometimes turquoise,” Pilati said in a feature with Architectural Digest. “I never get bored with it.”

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there are so many color options to explore. Classic white will never go out of style but many designers are using rich colors to add vibrancy and create a statement feature. This deep teal hue looks gorgeous when paired with crisp white subway tiles and elegant marble countertops allowing the custom design features to pop while keeping the space open and bright. Sleek, modern fixtures and warm wood elements to create a space that’s just as cozy as it is enchanting.

Timeless with a twist. The classic all-white overall look never gets old. Add a bit of art deco romance with a teal velvet bed frame, fabulous chandelier, and gold statement mirror for an elegant, modern style. Natural textures and materials add additional coziness to the overall look with lace-lined bedding, glass and shell accents, and a contemporary rug.

In this elegant bedroom, a dark teal feature wall is set off with organic white decor and plush bedding. Soft, textured accents such as the paper lanterns, neutral leaf duvet, and decorative branches play against the luxuriant color-washing wall treatment creating a classic look that is both warm and refreshing.

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and go all out! This bold teal pattern makes a statement and takes center stage when paired with modest furnishings. Additional white and reflective accents help break up the pattern making for a chic and modern living room.

This mid-century modern influenced room incorporates fun graphic prints and classic teal accents. The teal tone of the full size drapes pairs well against the grey color walls. Contrasting and matching shades of decor sprinkled around the room are grounded in the geometric rug in the center.

Teal and red, mixed with timber and notes of copper, is a daring combination that truly makes a statement. While both are strong, bright colors, they complement each other for a timeless, luxury look.

This fun, retro-inspired sitting room contrasts bold teal paint with pops of natural tones to create this comfortable setting. The dual sofa’s button tufting and golden leather upholstery are a nod to the classic design and double the warmth of this room. The intriguing paintings and indoor plants further add to the playful styling.

Cozy and rich. This bedroom is immersed in deep teal lending to a feeling of comfort. Minimalist decor and luscious finishes further warm the space.

It is not necessary for teal to be the main color for your room to make a bold statement. Use it in small accent pieces and place this color throughout the room to create a cohesive connection.

This exquisite teal chandelier is highlighted by dreamy velvet upholstery and clean lines. Rich hardwood floors, cast brass accents, and inky bursts of deep purple convey a sense of poetic nostalgia.

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