Recipe For Success In Home Selling

by | Oct 12, 2018

In our 3 part series, Recipe for Success in Home Selling, we break down the key ingredients we find guaranties our clients receive the best return on a sale.

1:  Prepare the Property

The better the property looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers. We help our clients by recommending improvements that will help sell your home for more money and make buyers want to buy your home.

We believe in doing seller pre-inspections to find out if there are any flaws we can’t visually see that need to be addressed. From there, we can assist you with our proven list of contractors from painting, to carpet cleaning and yard work, to more major things like new roofs, decks or even remodeling.

Once those things are done, one of the most important things we can do is to make sure the property is meticulously clean; not just a surface clean. We have a great cleaning service and window washer that know our standards and consistently take care of our clients.

Lastly, in preparation, we recommend staging. We have many proven sales where we know staging has helped get our sellers get more money with their sale. Statistics prove staging is successful and worthwhile and we know from our experience that it appeals to buyers and can oftentimes overcome objects the property might have.

2:  Price Properly

Pricing is both an art and a science. The science part is easier as we have lots of valuable statistics to use.  The art part is based on our experience.

We have sold over a thousand properties and have the experience to recommend to you what we think is best. We present you with the information and we collectively decide what it the best list price that will get your home sold.

Priced right from the beginning, we will have the best buyer activity and highest number of showings which leads to the highest chances of receiving a great offer.

Pricing has always been a very important part of the recipe, but as we see the market starting to shift, it is even more critical.

3:  Professional Presentation

We only have one chance to impress a potential buyer, so everything we do for marketing is made for easy, online viewing. We spend a great amount of time on this as buyers make quick judgements when looking at homes online. The home needs to be presented professionally to entice the buyer to want to visit and take a tour.

We start with a professional photographer and drone pilot that captures the best images possible. We also have our own Matterport 3D camera that makes both a 360 virtual Walk-through tour and floorplan of your home.

The listing information, remarks, photos and virtual tour are input into our MLS system where it is distributed to not only Windermere, but all other companies so its accessible on 1,000’s of websites, including Zillow and Redfin.

We also post the listing on our personal website and upload listing videos to both Vimeo and YouTube.

To help promote your home online, we have a dedicated social media team at Windermere that helps us advertise our listings on all social media including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Windermere has also partnered with an online ad company called Adwerx that does targeted online ads for all our listings.

Our marketing team make full color, multi-page flyers that are professionally designed for all our properties.

We’ve have said this before, but we know what works and if we follow the recipe, we are always successful with a sale.

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