Where have all the buyers gone? November 2018 Newsletter (11/29/2018) - Some research into the statistics reveals an interesting answer to that question. When looking at a comparison of the year-over-year statistics for 2017 verses 2018, the buyers are still out in force. I focused my report on the “Eastside” real estate market, but my research shows that the trend is generally applicable across the Puget […]
October 2018 Newsletter (10/25/2018) - What we bring to you. For this month, we would like to take our discussion away from the sometimes-tedious statistics that would normally occupy this space and spend a few minutes sharing about some of the best practices that we have found for successfully listing and selling homes… Some of the motivation behind our content […]
September 2018 Newsletter – It’s Still A Sellers Market (9/17/2018) - “How’s the market?” As real estate agents, that is often the first question we are asked, and it’s a fair conversation opener.  Indeed, we are all interested in the market. As real estate professionals, we like to put concrete facts into our understanding of what’s happening with the market and therein lies the reason that […]
The Market in 2018 (4/12/2018) - In our last newsletter (March, 2018) we talked about where the market will take us in 2018, the question was prompted by the high demand for housing compared to the very thin supply of same. To continue with that thought we want to share what we already see in this spring season.   The Chart […]
Local Market Update – April 2018 (4/9/2018) - Despite the typical seasonal surge in new listings, supply in our area continued to fall far short of demand in March. With just two weeks of available inventory in every market, competition for homes is intense. The result was another month of double-digit price increases as compared to a year ago. The region has now […]
Where Will 2018 Take Us? (3/12/2018) - News stories are “new” stories, or put more simply – what is new is news. But for this first newsletter of 2018, we will be writing about a market trend that is not new, and yet that is news in itself. There was a day not too many years ago, when home prices were in […]
The Gardner Report – Fourth Quarter 2016 (1/25/2017) - The following analysis of the Western Washington real estate market is provided by Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. We hope that this information may assist you with making better-informed real estate decisions. For further information about the housing market in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Washington State finished […]
June 2015 Newsletter (6/11/2015) - Multiple Offers, Every Time? The dominant discussion theme in the local real estate market news is that all homes are selling with multiple offers during their first weekend on the market. And to be sure, this is happening quite often – but not always. What even we, the professionals, are amazed at is the number […]
April 2015 Newsletter (4/2/2015) - Download our April 2015 Newsletter   Eastside Median Price Recovery “Home Forecast Calls for Pain” was the headline from a Wall Street Journal article posted on September 21, 2011 which opened with the following: “Economists, builders, and mortgage analysts are predicting the weakened U.S. economy will depress housing prices for years…Home prices are expected to […]
May 2013 Newsletter (3/1/2015) - You can download a PDF of the newsletter here: May 2013