a home decor photo series

Home is a haven offering tranquility and respite from the chaos of the outside world. No matter the size of the space, a comfortable, homey ambiance can be just as stylish as it is uplifting. In this photo series, we explore designs for a cozy and calm home.

On those cold winter nights retreat to this calm living room oasis, complete with blood orange and emerald green pillows layered by woolen throws. Adjust to the darker evenings with a cozy glow emitting from the roaring fire and scattered tall candles. Rustic accents surrounding the wood-burning stove help to create a focal point anchoring the mid-century modern furnishings within the space. The exposed brick wall, solid wood beams, and touches of greenery work together with the geometric woven rug, covered light fixtures, and dark teal flooring to give this room a sense of timelessness.

As the holiday season approaches, we gravitate towards tones, fabrics, and décor that match the comforting aura of this time of year. This attractive living space immediately exudes sophistication and playfulness, contrasting soft velvet textiles with azure geometric patterns. Paired with pops of envy green, the deep blue walls and ceiling create the ultimate cozy backdrop enveloping the room with a rich, ethereal calm.

Step into this warm living space and be welcomed to fall hues of orange, amber, and auburn, with touches of brown as they interplay in this interior décor. Autumn leaf arrangements bring the outdoor elements inside, encapsulating beautiful Pacific Northwest foliage. The perfect amount of natural sunlight illuminates this seating area giving no need to use artificial lighting. Working to create an inviting atmosphere is the ideally located fireplace heating the room to give that toasty seasonal touch. Add in a handful of mix-and-match throw pillows, paired with a fringed blanket and you’ve got yourself the perfect lazy day hideaway.

Drift away to new worlds as you take in the calming sounds of the ocean from this cozy reading nook! This nautical-inspired oasis effortlessly blends rustic wood tones with bold navy patterns creating a space that feels classic yet modern. Unique décor from the rope framed mirror to the plaid-patched throw pillows bring richness and intrigue to the room evoking a comforting sense of history and timelessness.

Creating the ideal balance of cool and warm was executed effortlessly in this cozy, chic work space. Marble wall treatments and natural patterns create the perfect backdrop to place simple wall art along with trendy furniture and accessories. Infused with attractive yellow and gold tones, bright and functional décor brings subtle excitement to this space allowing the room to feel fun and fresh while remaining calm and focused.

Summer is bursting with color in this beautifully adorned living space. Citrusy hues brighten and invoke the warmth of the season, while greenery, colorful wall art and vibrant décor embellish the room with cheery welcoming vibes. This cozy space has entered new territory as this energetic palette provides a restorative and harmonious sanctuary. 

This bedroom gives earthy, yet modern vibes by presenting shades of green, grey, and subtle touches of natural brown. Who knew the seamless flow of pale wood could have such a calming result as the floor and wall blend together to breathe a sigh of fresh air? This continuity creates the perfect canvas for greenery and grey decor to bring life into the space for a relaxing indoor/outdoor effect. 

This cozy and serene bedroom proves that subtly and style are the keys to creating an inviting and restful space. Neutral blue undertones provide a canvas for the unique minimalist decor to shine with hints of warmth throughout the brown and brass accents. A fabric pendant acts as a statement piece and ties the bedroom together creating a calm and restful escape.

Rustic decor is all about a natural, uncomplicated environment that showcases the beauty of subdued hues, earthy materials, and genuinely comfortable furnishings. This cozy lake house cottage exudes calming energy, allowing the residents to be encapsulated in natural beauty from the comfort of their couch. Wood panels, a neutral palette, and powerful skylight help ease the mind delivering one back to nature in this open and airy space.

Simplicity and timeless style are abundant in this cozy bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with sunlight breathing a deep sigh of relief into this stylish sanctuary. A natural palette enhances the earthy, raw textures of the exposed brick, rustic vanity, and woven pendant light fixture. “Muted, earthy greens, browns, blues, and some yellows feel grounded and protective,” owner Julianne Hough told Better Homes & Gardens. “But I also love pops of color.”
As home offices shot straight to the top of homeowner wishlists, so did the need to create inspiring spaces to escape for work no matter the size. Aussie architect David Boyle, approached the reno and re-design of this small house with vintage aesthetics and modern sensibilities. Height was used to the utmost advantage in this unique office/library combo as rustic shelves provide storage while drawing the eye upward creating a unique feeling of increased space. Touches of vibrant colors pop from the eclectic decor while a large art piece makes the room feel just as cool as it is cozy.
What could be finer than spending an afternoon curled up in this cozy space? Exposed walls and rustic furnishings add instant warmth while a muted rug and comfy, white seating bring lightness to the area. Add in some colorful throws and a roaring fire for a look that’s chic yet casual.

Escape from the outer cold and find your inner calm in this warm and welcoming living space. The preserved wood-burning fireplace provides an authentic, rustic centerpiece standing in contrast to the overall modern aesthetic. Two cognac leather couches amplify the reddish hues in the abstract rug and natural textures of chopped wood stacked adjacent to the fire. Artistically configured mirrors hang above the mantel with wooden candlesticks and wall art to make this spot the perfect place to gather. Add plush layers of throw pillows and blankets for a cozy space that feels like a warm hug.

Forget white and beige – this handsome living room is swathed in a deep slate grey, cocooning the space with a sense of coziness and luxury. The ornate, painted mantel contrasts with the exposed brick fireplace, instantly warming the room and creating a focal point to display gallery-style photographs and plush wall art. Natural, earthy textures pop against the moody hue from the chocolate leather chair and cream area rug to the stacks of chopped wood, providing a seasonal yet timeless aesthetic.

Sink into a cozy oasis of vibrant hues and plush décor with this lush bedroom escape. Contrasting moody jewel tones pop against rich textiles with a blush burnout velvet-upholstered headboard, sumptuous olive duvet, and textured accent pillows. Deep blue pigments flow throughout the space from the wall to the bedding down to the lush accent carpet grounding the room to create a unique sense of harmony. Paired with the ethereal glow of the ball table lamp, this calming escape is nothing short of enchanting.

As the weather cools, our homes become a sanctuary as we gracefully transition into Autumn. Natural greenery and earthy decor pair with eclectic touches, making this boho living room stylish and chic. Neutral greys and browns maintain a calm and relaxing vibe, while burnt orange, mixed textures, and patterns bring energy and fun. Classic chevron floors and modernist furnishings elevate the space infusing it with a cozy elegance.

Blue dreams abound in this calming bedroom oasis. Cerulean hues add a fresh lightness to the room, invoking a sensation of floating among the clouds. All-white furniture creates the perfect canvas for this relaxing space, with just a touch of yellow to add brightness and dimension. Artistic clouds reach toward the tall ceilings, making this cozy space feel as if it reaches the sky. 

You don’t need much to create the perfect cozy afternoon oasis. Floor to ceiling windows frame vast summer views making this cozy space feel larger and more open. Warm rustic wood cladding and hardwood floors help pull the colors of the outside, inside as pops of blue furnishings play with the natural tones of the ocean and sky. Simple, vintage décor is thoughtfully placed through the space creating a calm and personal escape.

Every aspect of this living room exudes comfort. With plush seat cushions, plentiful fluffy pillows and several soft throws, any nook of your choosing would provide a cozy and tranquil experience. Sink into the couch, breathe in the scent of the burning candle and bask in the balance of light browns with touches of green and grey.

This aesthetically pleasing living room brings peace through its minimal yet warm and functional accessories. Eclectic wall art placed on symmetric shelves gives the space an orderly calming effect, while touches of greenery allow the space to breathe a sigh of organic relief. Simple accents like the tall white candles and neutral throws polish off this room for a comfortable, cozy vibe.
Craving a little more serenity in your day-to-day? This dining room infuses the space with natural elements and cooler paint colors increasing the sense of calm and evoking feelings of serenity. Thinking beyond the windowsill, carefully placed greenery breathes life throughout the sunlit room and highlights the hues from the vibrant wall art and bold dining hutch. Shiny brushed gold chairs help further brighten the space creating a dining room that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.
Modern and rustic overtones unite to create a lovely balance between trendy and timeless in this cozy, coastal living room. Combinations of different wood tones play against the driftwood decor and pops of vintage blues bringing the outside indoors. A white panel backdrop reflects light throughout while seamless doors and clean lines make the space feel open and calm.
A limited color palette with soft neutrals gives this cottage sitting room an open, airy feeling that’s both bright and welcoming. Rustic and refurbished elements such as the reclaimed planks on the ceiling, graphic grain sack pillows, upcycled cow-feed sifter sconces, and a daybed fashioned out of an old door and pallets transform the space from small and simple to cozy and chic.
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