Badgley & Badgley is affiliated with Windermere Real Estate, which represents more than 30 percent of sellers on the Eastside and 36 percent in Seattle. The Yarrow Bay office of Windermere/East, Inc. is consistently among the most productive offices in not only King County, but in Washington State. In the past three years (2012, 2013 and 2014), the Yarrow Bay office has averaged almost a billion dollars in sales every year with more than 1,500 transactions per year.

While the average number of transactions per agent in this region is less than three per year, Badgley & Badgley represent sellers and buyers in 40 or more transactions annually. This level of activity keeps them abreast of every aspect of the market, current trends, contract law and agency relationships.

Home Buyers

Buying a home is one of the biggest investment decisions anyone will make. There are many aspects that need to be looked at and calculated, including location, functionality, price and comfort. In order to make the right decision, you need a real estate agent who will work on your behalf and legally represent your best interests. Jim and Bill will do all that—and more—to help you find your ideal home.

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Home Sellers

Badgley & Badgley rank among the top-selling agents nationwide. They strive to make the process of selling a property as painless as possible by walking clients through every step, keeping them informed and minimizing surprises. They know the market and how to make the most of it, leaving you in the best possible position for your next move.

Whether you’re ready to list your home now or just planning ahead, contact Badgley & Badgley for a free, no-obligation consultation. They’ll be happy to share what they know about today’s market and the steps you can take to maximize your home value.

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